Just like the IOS of a Cisco router should be backed up in case of failure, so should the configuration of a home router. If a home router is left to its default configuration, then backing up the configuration is not really warranted. However, if many of the Smart Wi-Fi tools have been customized, then it may be advantageous to back up the configuration.

Backing up the configuration is easy to do with the Linksys EA6500 wireless router:

Step 1. Log in to the Smart Wi-Fi Home page. Click the Troubleshooting icon to display the Troubleshooting Status window (Figure 1).

Step 2. Click the Diagnostic tab to open the Diagnostic Troubleshooting window (Figure 2).

Step 3. Under the Router configuration title, click Backup and save the file to an appropriate folder.

Note: To upload a previously saved backup, click Restore, locate the file, and start the restore process.