In the topology in Figure 1, R3 is the DR and R2 is the BDR. It has been decided that:

Figure 2 changes the R1 interface Gigabit 0/0 priority from 1 to 255.

Figure 3 changes the R3 interface Gigabit 0/0 priority from 1 to 0.

The changes do not automatically take effect because the DR and BDR are already elected. Therefore, the OSPF election must be negotiated using one of the following methods:

Figure 4 displays how to clear the OSPF process on R1. Assume that the clear ip ospf process privileged EXEC mode command has been also been configured on R2 and R3. Notice the OSPF state information generated.

The output displayed in Figure 5 confirms that R1 is now the DR with a priority of 255 and identifies the new neighbor adjacencies of R1.

Use the Syntax Checker in Figure 6 to verify the role and adjacencies of R2 and R3.