Use the show ip ospf database command to verify the contents of the LSDB.

There are many command options available with the show ip ospf database command.

For example, Figure 1 displays the content of the LSDB of R1. Notice R1 has entries for area 0 and area 1, because ABRs must maintain a separate LSDB for each area to which they belong. In the output, Router Link States in area 0 identifies three routers. The Summary Net Link States section identifies networks learned from other areas and which neighbor advertised the network.

Use the Syntax Checker in Figure 2 to verify the LSDB of R2 and R3 using the show ip ospf database command. R2 only has interfaces in area 0; therefore, only one LSDB is required. Like R1, R3 contains two LSDBs.