EIGRP is commonly used in large enterprise networks. Troubleshooting problems related to the exchange of routing information is an essential skill for a network administrator. This is particularly true for administrators who are involved in the implementation and maintenance of large, routed enterprise networks that use EIGRP as the interior gateway protocol (IGP). There are several commands that are useful when troubleshooting an EIGRP network.

The show ip eigrp neighbors command verifies that the router recognizes its neighbors. The output in Figure 1 indicates two successful EIGRP neighbor adjacencies on R1.

In Figure 2, the show ip route command verifies that the router learned the route to a remote network through EIGRP. The output shows that R1 has learned about four remote networks through EIGRP.

Figure 3 shows the output from the show ip protocols command. This command verifies that the EIGRP displays the currently configured values for various properties of any enabled routing protocols.

EIGRP for IPv6

Similar commands and troubleshooting criteria also apply to EIGRP for IPv6.

The following are the equivalent commands used with EIGRP for IPv6: